Oil Changes Salt Lake City:4 Reasons Oil Changes Are Important,GT Automotive

Regular oil changes are a proven form of car maintenance to protect and lengthen the life of your engine. Changing your oil is not exciting or glamorous (but neither is brushing your teeth for that matter), but extremely necessary for the performance of your car or truck’s engine. This South Jordan oil change video (at our GT Automotive facility) time lapses the activity involved (if oil changes aren’t fun, at least this oil change video is amusing!). Why is your engine oil change so important?

4 Reasons Why Regular Oil Changes Are So Important:

1. Heat breaks down your engine oil. Like so many other products, high temperature attacks the engine oil’s ability to lubricate, coat and protect your internal engine parts. Internal engine temperatures reach and exceed boiling point temperature marks. Any high heat is no friend to oil or metal. That is why over time and distance-3 months, 6 months, 3,000, 5,000, 7,000 miles-the effects of these high heat conditions ruin your oil’s effectiveness in protection.

2. Dirt breaks down your engine oil, and internal engine parts. The combustion within your engine to make your car move creates carbon monoxide exhaust particles-dirt, to put it simply. These carbon particles contribute to turning your engine oil to a black color. The longer and farther your engine operates between oil changes, the more dirt exists to break down your engine oil, and the more dirt particles to rub along your internal engine parts. It’s like taking a shower with dirty water-not a good idea!!
3. Engine oil additives and cleaning agents lose its ability to protect over time. There is only so much life to the protective additives and cleaning agents that are present in your engine oil. (Let’s face it, age affects everyone and everything!). Over time and distance, your oil loses these important protective factors.

4. Regular oil changes schedule time to inspect other vital engine parts and performance systems.

By bringing your car or truck to an auto repair service facility, you also schedule time to inspect other important vehicle systems. Tires, brakes, steering, cooling and heating systems, engine filters, belts, hoses and chassis fittings all require regular inspection. These systems have parts that also wear out and require changing in time.Your technician inspects some or all of these vital parts and systems at each oil change service, to ensure optimal performance before wear or breakdown.

Time, age, heat and dirt all combine to change your oil from a clean lubricating protective agent, to a menacing dirty infectious fluid! So, change your oil regularly, and preserve the life of your vehicle’s engine. It is the least expensive insurance investment for your motor!

GT Automotive has ASE certified technicians for car repairs for all make and model vehicles. We can inspect your car during our Express Oil change, and help keep your vehicle operating safely in all seasons. Call us today, 801-302-0912, about auto repairs and service in Salt Lake City.

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