Air Conditioning Service Salt Lake City, Auto AC Repair Service:GT Automotive

Here is a condensed version of our automotive air conditioning service and repair video. In this abbreviated segment, Tim highlights how GT Automotive services and repair car AC systems, diagnoses the common car AC problems like warm air blowing inside the car, and how they check for AC leaks in the system.

With up-to-date tools and technology, problems with your automotive air conditioning can be efficiently found and fixed.

We value our customer relationships, and use Angie’s List to assess whether we’re doing a good job keeping valued customers like you happy. Please visit in order to grade our quality of work and customer service.

We will inspect and care for your car or truck to help keep you safely on the road. GT Automotive has ASE certified technicians for car repairs for all make and model vehicles. We can inspect your car during our Express Oil change, and help keep your vehicle operating safely in all seasons. Call us today, 801-302-0912, about auto repairs and service in Salt Lake City.



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