Subaru Repair Salt Lake City: 5 Most Common Subaru Repair Problems

Want to know about the common Subaru auto repair problems you may encounter? Tim explains in this Subaru repair video what the 5 most common Subaru repair problems are.

1. Subaru Head Gasket Repairs. The head gasket leaking externally have always been a Subaru repair issue. It i such a common repair that aftermarket Subaru head gaskets are designed better than the original head gaskets.

2. Subaru Double Offset Joint repair (DOJ repair). The protective boot and the DOJ joint are positioned close to the catalytic converter. The heat from the converter tends to dry out and crack the protective boot. This causes the lubricant and grease inside the joint to also dry up, causing the joint to bind up and break.

3. Tires and Brakes wear out faster. Since Subaru is an All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicle, the tires and brakes operate as if the vehicle is always in 4 wheel drive. Sharp turns at slow speeds and frequent braking-common to city traffic driving-put an extra strain on your tires and brake system.

4. Timing Belt Replacement. Depending upon your specific make and model year of your Subaru, the timing belt needs to be replaced anywhere between 90,000 and 105,000 miles.
Because the timing belt is:

  • Hidden from your view;
  • Such a long length belt;
  • Operates critical components inside your engine-valves, camshaft, etc.;
  • Also operates your water pump…

…it is critical that your Subaru timing belt be replaced BEFORE it breaks.

5. Spark Plugs (also known as a common tune-up). Subaru spark plugs are hidden away, below your view, and are difficult to access. Spark plugs are scheduled for replacement every 90,000-100,000 miles. But your spark plugs may wear out sooner than scheduled, lowering your gas mileage and engine performance.

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