Honda Timing Belt Replacement Salt Lake City: GT Automotive

Honda Timing Belt Repair: Salt Lake City

Replace your Honda timing belt regularly-it is one of the keys to keep your Honda car running for 200,000-300,000 miles, and more. Dave at GT Automotive shows you in this Honda timing belt repair video the importance of regular timing belt maintenance and repair. Both Dave and Tim Stapleton (owner of GT Automotive) share some of the repairs they see in their South Jordan auto repair facility.

Why Replace Your Honda Timing Belt Regularly?

  • The Honda timing belt connects the crankshaft at the bottom of the engine with the camshafts at the top of the cylinder head.
  • Timing belts make sure your valves and pistons move at the same time-they synchronize your camshaft (valves) and crankshaft (pistons).
  • The valves and pistons in a Honda share the same air space. The valves open and close in close distance to the pistons.
  • They never touch, unless your timing belt breaks or skips a tooth (these timing belts have ribbed teeth to move the sprocket and gears).
  • If the timing belt fails, the engine will stop, and fail to re-start. (You will just hear the endless cranking, or “turning over”-but no start).
  • In interference engines (like many Honda engines have), if the timing belt breaks, or if one or two “teeth” break or skip, the valves and pistons will “interfere” with each other. Not only will the engine will stop, but in these interference engines, the pistons will contact the valves, bending or even breaking them.
  • Bent and/or broken valves mean serious, costly engine damage.
  • While a timing belt replacement job can cost several hundreds of dollars, an engine with bent valves and piston damage will run into the thousands of dollars.
  • $300-400 versus $2,000-$3,000?? It is the old adage “Pay a little now, or pay a lot more later”.
  • some vehicles the lack of a functioning timing belt can cause expensive engine damage.

When buying a used Honda or Acura with over 100,000 miles, the first question you should ask is “When was the timing belt changed, and what records prove that?” (You don’t want to have to pay a $2000 repair bill-plus towing-right after you purchase the Honda or Acura!)

Replace Honda Timing Belts Every 90,000-100,000 Miles

Because belts weaken and wear out over time, Honda recommends replacing your timing belt BEFORE they get old, fragile, and the drive teeth begin to crack, split or break. They recommend 90,000-100,000 mile intervals.

While the timing belt is being replaced, have the oil pump and water pump inspected, since they are all accessible in the same place.

Common Honda Auto Repairs

Looking for a Honda auto repair shop in Salt Lake City to look at your car repair problem?

Whatever Honda model car you drive-Accord, Civic, CR-V, Pilot, Odyssey, Ridgeline, Element, Fit, NSX-our skilled technicians and up to date technology allows us to service and repair Honda cars with the ease and efficiency your vehicle deserves.

Since 1980, GT Automotive and our ASE certified and factory trained Honda and Acura technicians have been serving Honda car owners in the Salt Lake Valley for all their vehicle repair needs. Call us today, 801-302-0912, about servicing and repairing your Honda or Acura in Salt Lake City.

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