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Honda CV Repairs

Clackety clack, Clackety clack, clack, clack-that is the sound of your Honda needing CV Axle repair. It is a sound you don’t
want to hear when driving your Honda. The loud clacking noise you hear when turning means the constant velocity joints are shot. A bad Honda CV axle and joint is a serious problem that should be checked at the first sign of trouble.  Both Dave and Tim Stapleton (owner of GT Automotive) share some of the Honda CV axle repairs they see in their South Jordan auto repair facility in this video.

What Honda CV Joints and Axles Do

  • Honda CV (“CV” for “constant-velocity”) joints sit on each end of the front axle (left hand for driver’s side, right hand for passenger side), and are connected to the front wheels.
  • As you speed up, the CV joints spin around (lubricated by the grease in its protective, enclosed boot housing).
  • A Honda CV allows your turning axles to transfer that power at different angles.
  • Inner CV joints connect the drive shafts to the transmission, while the outer CV joints connect the drive shafts to the wheels.
  • The joint has to maintain enough grease around it to keep the joint running smoothly.
  • The boots around the CV joint prevent dust from getting in between the joint and damaging it.
  • A Honda CV joint doesn’t need any maintenance and can last very long, as long as the protective CV joint boot is not damaged. (It’s not uncommon to see a car with over 300,000 miles with still original CV-joints.)
  • Time, heat and exposure to weather and road conditions will eventually wear out the boot material-creating cracks, then rips.
  • These tears and rips will allow dirt and debris inside the joint, causing the CV joint to wear out and break.
  • When the Honda CV joint starts to go bad at this point, you will hear it clicking and then begin to grind.
  • Ignoring this sound will cause the gears to wear out and grind to a halt-no moving, no turning (a lot of towing!!).

Honda CV Axle Repair Cost

  • Unfortunately, CV joint/axle replacement are more costly than an oil change.
  • Since the labor charges are about the same to replace the entire CV joint/cv axle, as it does to merely replace the boot, it
    makes more sense to replace the entire CV joint assembly, instead of just the boot.
  • And, replacing the CV joints on your Honda yourself will take you about four to six hours to complete (not to mention the
    cost of specialty axle tools to remove and replace the CV axle assembly).
  • For these reasons, having an auto repair shop like GT Automotive do the work (along with the warranty) makes the most sense.
  • The several hundred dollars in parts and labor costs becomes a real value at that point.

Prevent Costly Honda CV Axle Repairs

  • “An ounce of prevention…” It’s a good idea to check your Honda CV boots (and axle assembly) at regular periods, like
    routine oil changes.(GT Automotive makes this a standard check during your Honda oil change.)
  • And, your CV axle assembly can be inspected each time the wheels are removed from the vehicle-like brake repairs or tire
  • Costly repairs can be avoided by recognizing worn, cracked boots-before they split and the grease leaks out, causing the
    clackety-clack noise.
  • Finding the problem soon is the key to saving money.

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