Oil Change Coupons Salt Lake City: GT Automotive South Jordan

Oil Change Coupons Salt Lake City

Get Groupon Oil Change Coupons From GT Automotive

Oil Change Coupons Salt Lake City, South Jordan: Groupon Oil Change Specials

Need oil change special, and great oil change coupons in Salt Lake City and South Jordan? Hurry and save lots of money on one oil change, or several oil changes, by using the GT Automotive Groupon Oil Change Special. And use the Groupon code to get an extra 10%-20% off the fantastic coupon specials, if you buy before July 21,2015. It is a 2 day extra special discount only, so get to the site for your GT Automotive oil change coupon.

Here are the GT Automotive Groupon Oil Change Specials:

  • Full Service Oil Change; $21 (Save $18.95)
  • Three Full Service Oil Changes; $60 Total (Save $59.85)
  • Plus, an extra 10%-20% off of those prices with the Groupon extra discount code, (good for only 2 days, ends Tuesday, July 21,2015.)

Bring your your car or truck to our Express Lube lanes. We will inspect other important vehicle systems:

  • Tires:
  • Brakes;
  • Steering;
  • Cooling and heating systems;
  • Engine filters;
  • Belts and hoses;
  • Chassis fittings…all at no extra charge.
    These systems have parts that also wear out, and require changing in time.Your technician inspects some or all of these vital parts and systems at each oil change service, to ensure optimal performance before wear or breakdown.me, age, heat and dirt all combine to change your oil from a clean lubricating protective agent, to a menacing dirty infectious fluid! So, change your oil regularly, and preserve the life of your vehicle’s engine. It is the least expensive insurance investment for your motor!

GT Automotive has ASE certified technicians for car repairs for all make and model vehicles. We can inspect your car during our Express Oil change, and help keep your vehicle operating safely in all seasons. Call us today, 801-302-0912, about auto repairs and service in Salt Lake City.

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