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Tim Stapleton, owner of GT Automotive in South Jordan, Utah, explains one of the most common Subaru car repairs-Subaru head gaskets leaking.

  • A Subaru’s head gasket can wear through or even crack, causing loss of power, fuel efficiency or engine failure.
  • The head gasket must be replaced as soon as possible to minimize any damage.
  • When a head gasket is cracked or malfunctioning, coolant can leak. Without the proper level of coolant, the engine will quickly overheat.
  • Engine overheating can warp the heads, causing the gasket to malfunction, crack or leak.

Look for Symptoms of a Leaking Subaru Head gasket

  • Anti-freeze leaking from engine.
    The head gasket creates a pathway for anti-freeze to flow through the engine. A cracked or broken head gasket will result in the anti-freeze or coolant to leak out of these pathways, out of the engine. Look for drops or puddles of anti-freeze
  • Oil Leaking from engine.
    The head gasket also creates a barrier that allows oil to move above the gasket and coolant to flow below. When the gasket is cracked or has a hole in it, the oil can mix with the coolant. The oil in the system will turn to a light brown, viscous substance. Over time this will become more pronounced and thicker, causing the engine to work harder. Eventually, the sludge will be too thick to be pumped up into the engine, and the engine will seize.
  • White smoke from the exhaust pipe.
    In less frequent cases, a cracked head gasket will cause white smoke to emit from the exhaust. This means that coolant is entering the engine cylinders, and the heat from the piston is creating steam, which exits through the exhaust system and out the rear exhaust pipe.

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